Our Caregiver Training Course

Why study with TLC Edmonton: Training for Live-in Caregivers?

You'll find that our caregiver training course provides a relaxed and friendly environment to make friends and study. There are many good reasons to train with us...

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  1. TLC Edmonton: Training for Live-in Caregivers is a small, private school offering only one program- training for live-in caregivers who want to work in Canada. We focus on preparing you for all aspects of the role. Our classes are small (usually fewer than 10 students), and they are individualized to your needs and abilities, including your ability with the English language.
  2. Our caregiver training course is a full-time, six-month (750 hour), government accredited, training program that prepares you to work in a Canadian family, either as a nanny caring for children, or as a caregiver to a dependent elderly or disabled person.
  3. We make it easy by supporting you through all the phases of living, working, and immigrating to Canada, including help with writing employment contracts that protect both you and your future employer. Take a look at our other services.
  4. We prepare our students to meet all Canadian government regulations and requirements which greatly improves your chances of being successful. The immigration process is complicated and each year many caregivers from overseas are refused visas or are unable to obtain permanent residence simply because they do not fully understand the bureaucratic process.
  5. If you do not have the required level of education, we can help you prepare to write the GED test which is recognized as the equivalent.

See what our students have to say about their experiences in our school and our course instructors... Student Testimonials.

Why study in Canada?

For anyone planning to live, work, or immigrate to Canada as a caregiver, there are several clear advantages to training here...

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  1. Canadian employers prefer caregivers with Canadian training.
  2. It will be much easier to find a job while studying here.  You can then start work soon after completion of the course.
  3. You will receive on-going support from students who are in the course ahead of you, and from a network of former students who are now working as Live-in Caregivers.
  4. It is an ideal opportunity to practice your English language skills, make friends, and start to become familiar with life in Canada.
  5. You can be actively involved in finding your own employer.  In this way you can avoid many employee/employer mismatches.
  6. When you study in Canada, you are really receiving much more training than the requisite 750 hours because you are, in fact, training throughout your entire stay.

Studying in Canada provides you with your best chance of succeeding as a live-in caregiver.

What's so great about Edmonton, Alberta?

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The economy is booming in Alberta, driven mainly by it's oil resources, making Alberta the most prosperous Canadian province. In 2002, Edmonton was ranked the most attractive city in the world to do business. It has one of the lowest unemployment rates and fastest growth rates of all Canadian cities. Provincial taxes and the cost of living in Edmonton are significantly lower than in Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal. Located in Western Canada in Central Alberta, its close proximity to other large, prosperous cities such as Calgary and Vancouver means your prospects for finding employment are excellent.

About our Caregiver training course...

The TLC Edmonton: Training for Live-in Caregivers study program is a full-time, six-month (minimum 750 hour), government accredited, training program that prepares you to work for a Canadian family, either as a nanny caring for children or as a caregiver to a dependent elderly or disabled person.

Instruction includes both theory and hands-on, in-school practice. You learn through lectures, textbooks, audio-visuals, individual and group projects, and class discussions. Assessment and feedback are given on an ongoing basis and, upon completion of the course, you will receive a diploma.

Classes run Monday to Friday from 9am to 3:30pm and the instruction is divided into monthly (rotating) modules allowing you to start the course on the first day of any month and to finish it six months later.

The training course includes the following modules:

  1. Communication and interpersonal skills
  2. Developing self-awareness for the role of the Live-in Caregiver
  3. Health and safety, including St. John Ambulance certification in CPR/First Aid level B
  4. Care of the elderly (including understanding the aging process, assisting with mobility, personal hygiene, mental health issues, and assisting someone who is dying.)
  5. Care of the disabled
  6. Child development
  7. Managing children's behaviour
  8. Understanding and recognizing abuse
  9. Household management and taking care of a Canadian home
  10. Nutrition and food preparation
  11. Finding employment and applying for a work permit
  12. An overview of Canadian politics, geography, history and social structure

The course tuition fee is $5,500 plus $100 registration fee (Canadian Dollars) and includes textbooks and your certification in CPR/First Aid. Tuition fees must be paid in full if a student visa is required.   Students with a valid visa for the duration of the program may be eligible to pay by instalments.

Course Instructors

Shirley Phippen

image of course instructor

the founder of TLC Edmonton, holds a University Degree in Home Economics and a Professional Teacher's certificate.

Midori Uematsu

image of course instructor

TLC Edmonton: Training for Live-in Caregivers recently welcomed Midori Uematsu on staff.

Midori is a former graduate of our training program who previously worked as a live-in caregiver here in Edmonton for two and a half years and is now a Permanent Resident. She has many years of teaching experience both in Japan and abroad.

She trained as a Japanese language teacher at Duke University in the USA as well as in Japan. She taught both English and Japanese in Japan, the U.S.A., and New Zealand.

In Japan she is a qualified nutritionist and she loves to cook so she is a great asset to our weekly cooking classes.

Midori will be here to assist our students in many ways as a teacher, counsellor and translator.

The Live-in Caregiver training course is taught by Shirley Phippen (and occassionally by other teachers). Shirley has many years experience in providing care to people of all ages.

Before coming to Canada

You should bring with you all your educational transcripts and a police clearance from every country you have lived in for more than six months.

Other Services

At TLC Edmonton:Training for Live-in Caregivers, we assist and support our students in all aspects of living, working, and immigrating to Canada. This includes help with the various application forms, employment contracts, finding employment and preparation for your interview.

We can also help with finding comfortable and affordable living accommodation during your stay in Canada.  Please contact us for more information about accommodation and other services.

We offer CPR/First Aid courses certified by St. John Ambulance for individuals and groups. First Aid with CPR Level B is included in our Live-in Caregiver training program.